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the study of the flow of matter, primarily in the liquid state

Rheology Explained...

Rheology is defined as the study of the deformation and flow of materials.
When a liquid is subjected to a force, the liquid flows to relieve the strain from the applied force.
Different systems will flow more than others and the measurement of this resistance is a measure of the viscosity of the system.

For more detailed information of rheological behaviour and terminology please access our Rheology Brochure.

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Thickener Technologies

Scott Bader has an extensive knowledge of waterborne chemistries and we have developed ( and continue to develop!) a wide range of thickeners / rheology modifiers for a multitude of industries.
Our portfolio contains Texicryl alkali swellable (ASE) and hydrophobically modified alkali swellable (HASE) emulsions designed to deliver specific rheological properties to the final formulation.

Texipol inverse emulsions offer the ability to instantaneously thicken a wide range of aqueous systems. They have been tailored to be effective at specific ranges of pH to achieve optimum thickening performance.

For further product information, download our Rheology brochure, product specific datasheets or call Smart Lab direct.